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New Year, Fresh Start?

So its 2019, which means, we've survived 2018. Though it was by no means a terrible year, it was a challenging one full of big changes. A new baby boy in March, sold our home, bought a home, moved to a new region...I'm hoping this year will feel more settled.

A lot of people use the new year to set goals and I am no exception. I love the idea of a fresh start. Though this can be a daily thing, the start of a new year feels more grandiose and promising. So what am I planning? It's a little intimidating to put it out here on the internet for all to see but here it goes:

1. Start the day with celery juice. To be honest, I've already started doing this a few weeks into December. It's touted as a revolutionary anti-inflammatory drink that helps clear the toxins from your body, improve your skin, aid digestion and reduce bloating. I have chosen to implement this because my exczema has flared up in a bad way and I'm looking to combat it from the inside out. It doesn't taste bad but it doesn't taste good either. This leads to the next goal:

2. Attempt a short term diet that does not include wheat or dairy, as well as reduced refined sugar. For those of you who know me, this is a TALL order. I love carbs and cheese. They are my go to snack and comfort food so giving them up, even for a short period is difficult. Thankfully my husband is supportive and has offered to join me. He even surprised me with some snacks that fit into this "diet". How long will I try this out for? I have no idea. Maybe a week, maybe longer, we will see but so far we have made it to day 3.

3. Improve my budgeting skills. I'm good at planning and setting up a budget but sticking to it is the part that I struggle with. Based on goal 2, this will help with meal planning which should be easier as I can't just cook anything willy nilly. I need to be more mindful of the things I'm consuming, and as a result, my family gets to enjoy this change as well. This means, more veggies and fruits! And come this spring/summer, that won't be a problem since Terry has laid out the work of a massive market garden! (I made carrot chips today - they were good and easy to make, though do take some effort.) Budgeting also refers to planning the money we spend on groceries and extras.

4. Learn to live with less. When we moved I realized how much stuff we have collected over the years. I want to purge our closets and home Marie Kondo style and keep only the things that "spark joy". I find that I like to put my kids in the same clothes and I wear the same the same things on repeat too. (My cardigans from Little Llama Shop are an investment that are worth every penny!) Not only that, but I get frustrated when I see clutter everywhere! I'm hoping this change will help me appreciate the things we have more and allow me to invest in future pieces that we absolutely love. In addition, will help us maintain a clean and orderly home.

5. Make small improvements to our home every month. We don't yet have the budget to make big changes like a kitchen renovation (oh how this would be bring me such joy!) or rebuild the front porch or replace the roof. But we can take down a cupboard and replace it with open shelving. We can put up a tile backsplash. We can paint a room. We can organize the book shelf with new baskets for toys and put all those DVDs into a binder instead of having cases filling cardboard boxes to the brim. We can shop our home and change the decor on the mantel. We can paint the ugly red doors black (when the weather gets a bit warmer). Small changes like these will help make this house feel more like our home.

There are several other ideas like use my "Calm" app on a daily basis to help focus on breath and mindfulness. Walk more. Consistently clean up after ourselves so we aren't stuck with a big mess. Buy another vehicle so I can get to work without leaving Terry stuck. I'm hopeful that by putting these goals out there, I'll be more apt to commit to these changes.

What goals have you set for 2019? I'm all ears!



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