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Updated: Oct 12, 2018

The biggest reason we bought this property was for Terry to start a market garden and use it as a catalyst to change our lifestyle.

Here is the back story...

Terry is a Carpenter by trade but found the construction industry increasingly demanding, leaving little space for balance and making family a priority. His frustration with the lifestyle came to a head late last year in the form of debilitating depression and anxiety. He couldn't sleep, eat or function. We were all at a loss.

The only place he seemed to find solace was when he was working outside in our yard. We had a teeny-tiny vegetable garden and a little flower garden in the front yard. He consumed videos online from people like Jean-Martin Fortier, Curtis Stone, Scott Hebert and Charles Dowding. Watching and reading everything he could about growing food.

Eye-spy 2 cute kiddos hiding behind the tomatoes!

There were so many days he couldn't work that we were struggling to manage all of our bills and our debts piled up. It came to the point where we decided to sell our home in which we had built some equity, pay off our debts and start fresh. Since property in the Toronto area is expensive, we moved an hour away to find a home with some property so Terry could pursue his passion for small-scale farming.

Since we moved in late August, Terry has been busy planning out and building up the garden in preparation for the next year. He's found joy in these tasks and is continually learning about the process from courses online, reading books and listening to podcasts. He still has bad days but they are no where near what he was going through a year ago.

Mushroom Compost Delivery

The kids have adjusted well since they are still so young and they have space to run around and play outdoors. Cordelia's new school is wonderful and the classroom sizes are small (which I'm so thankful for). The town has a lot of road side produce stands with the freshest fruits and veggies so we are happy to support these local family-owned businesses.

We are settling in and though there is much to be done, we are progressing.

Do you have any tips for adjusting to a new home/city? Please share!



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